Why Choose Us?

We know you have choices to make when choosing your transportation from Anchorage to Seward or vice versa. We also know that we are the newcomers, you might not be very likely to take the chance on us. But because we are the newcomers we promise to treat you better than anyone else…we have more to prove and more at stake.

So let me share a little bit of our story, and hopefully we can become part of yours.

We are a family business…Dave & Candice (aka Dad & Mom) and four adorable kids. We had these four kids in 5 1/2 years, and in the middle of those years moved to a new state and started a new business. To say the least, these last 10 years have been busy. Dave has been working 70-80 hr weeks and Candice has been holding down the fort at home. Our daily life has been busy, and we are passionate about showing our kids this beautiful world, so travel has been a priority these last several years. We’ve made sure to block out a week or two and several weekends each year to explore and spend time together.

As we began to feel the daily grind take a toll we began brainstorming ideas to make a change for our family. When we had the idea for this business it didn’t just begin to grow, it began to feel like the path our family was looking for. The right move for our family, one that we feel we were led to and had been prepared for.

We aren’t new to running businesses or planning travel. Before our oldest was born Candice was an event planner for a large company. While she planned a lot of conferences and meetings, she also planned a lot of travel and got pretty good at moving large groups of people from place to place. During this time she also ran her own floral business and her weekends and nights were full of creating wonderful arrangements and bouquets for client’s special moments and events.

Ten years ago Dave was approached by a large company that wanted him to move to a new state and open a store for them. While we know we were blessed with a unique opportunity to start a new business with the backing of a large company, we also learned what it takes to get something going. With the company and any other employee 600 miles away there were many times we felt like it was up to us to make this store a success. With a lot of hard work and determination, Dave did just that, he turned it into a successful and profitable store.

While this was going on, Candice found time to plan trips for family and friends. She became the unofficial travel agent for our large extended families! Planning couples trips, boys trips, girls trips and large family reunion trips. The more we traveled and she planned, the more passionate we became about seeing the world and including as many as we could in the process.

We found a common thread in our journey, we love people. Whether it was planning an event, creating floral arrangements, selling a product, or planning a trip - we loved who we were doing it for. We love the stories and the relationships, and the richness other people bring to our lives.

With Beck’s Travel & Transport we feel like we have the opportunity to marry our talents and passions with our desire to teach our children to work and enjoy exploring this incredible world. We want to do it with you. We want to be part of your journey, whether it’s your transportation to or from the cruise ship, or some other travel need. Choose us because we truly care that you have the best experience possible, and we’ll do all we can to make it happen!